Benevolent dictator

Having accepted that to resolve a dispute, you have to trust someone, our focus shifted to answering the question: how to make there less incentive to create disputes? Regarding this issue, the community has made several proposals. And the one we are developing (because at the time of writing this text it is not ready yet) is to use the figure of the “benevolent dictator”. It is about a "dictator" whom the people accept and trust that his decisions are made for the good of the community. Let's say he is a trusted community mediator.

The benevolent dictator is the creator of the community. The benevolent dictator is the one who can add dispute solvers or “solvers”. These are publicly known by the community (we refer to your “username” in Telegram). The community will be in charge of denouncing if these users are doing their job correctly or not. In a community where the "benevolent dictator" correctly selects the "solvers", everything will work fine; in one where the "dictator" makes mistakes, his subjects will go to another community or create a new one. In this way, we delegate this responsibility to the communities.