How to translate and collaborate with documentation?

The lnp2pBot documentation has been created with mdBook, a versatile tool that enables us to organize it clearly and coherently, this includes the creation of chapters, sections, cross-links, etc, ensuring fluid navigation and easy comprehension of the content.

Below, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to translate the documentation. This guide can also be useful if you wish to add more content or improve existing material:

  1. Install Rust:

  2. Install mdBook:

$ cargo install mdbook
  1. Clone the repository and create a new language directory: Clone the repository and then create a new directory for the language you want to translate the documentation into, based on the existing English or Spanish directory (these are the most frequently updated).
$ git clone

$ cd doc-site

$ cp -r english <your-language>
  1. Modify the book.toml file: You must set the language and title parameters in the book.toml file. For language, you must use the language codes ISO 639-1; and fot title, replace "Learn" with its equivalent in your language.

language = "en" title = "Learn @lnp2pBot"

  1. View the Book Locally: Once inside the directory that we have copied, you can see what the book looks like locally using the following command:
$ cd <your-language>

$ mdbook serve

Then, open http://localhost:3000 in your web browser to view the created workbook.

  1. Start Translation: To begin translating the documentation, access each .md file within the src directory. Any changes you make will automatically appear updated in the book at http://localhost:3000 while mdBook is running.
  • In the file, you will find the structure of the book's chapters. You only need to translate the chapter titles, enclosed in brackets [ ], without modifying the links, enclosed in parentheses ( ).

  • To replace an image or gif with one in your language place it in /assets/images/ and delete the original file, but give the new one the same name.

  • Do not translate .md file names or links.

  1. Send a Pull Request (PR): Once you have finished the translation submit a pull request (Pull Request or PR) in the GitHub repository


  • Check out this guide on How to format texts with markdown.
  • You could do the translations without using mdBook by simply translating each file and submit the PR, although that way you could make mistakes
  • If you encounter difficulties following this tutorial, please contact an administrator of the telegram group for assistance.