How do I create a community?

To create a community, simply type the /community command. After this, the bot will ask you to indicate the following:

  • Community Name: A name to identify your community.
  • Currencies: Fiat currencies that can operate in the community. These must be entered separately from a blank space. For example, for an Uruguayan community, "UYU USD" can be added.
  • Community Group: This is the main group where members of the community meet. Both @lnp2pbot and the person creating the community must be administrators in this group. Users will be able to create orders by sending bot commands in this group.
  • Order book channel or channels: Orders will be published where we indicate to the bot. If we enter a single channel, the purchases and sales will be published in that channel, but if you indicate two channels, the purchases will be published in the first and the sales in the second. Channels are entered separately with a blank space and both the bot and the community creator must be channel admins.
  • Solvers: We must indicate the “usernames” of the users who will be in charge of resolving the disputes, separated by a blank space.
  • Channel for disputes: In this channel, the bot will publish when a user initiates a dispute. Both the bot and the community creator must be channel administrators.