Creating orders

The operation of the bot remains exactly the same, by default it creates the orders in a global channel. But since we have created a new community we want our order to be published in the channel that we have associated with the community. There are two ways to create an order in the new community.

We enter the community group (in the case of our example it would be @p2pZimbabwe) and within the group, we execute the usual command: /sell or /buy. If we want something more private, we tell the bot our default community by running the /setcomm @p2pZimbabwe command. From then on, all orders you create privately will go to the corresponding channel linked to @p2pZimbabwe. You can change your default community at any time with /setcomm @Coolercommunity (example). You can also go back to the previous state, where you didn't have a community by default, by running /setcomm off.