Since its creation, @lnp2pbot has charged a fee to the seller for each completed order, this fee is currently 0.6%, now, if the order was created in a community, the bot divides this fee, one part remains for the bot and the other part will be the community profit.

The proportions are 70% of the commission for the bot and the rest for the community.

That is, in a transaction for 10,000 satoshis, the commission to be paid by the seller is 60 satoshis. Of those, 42 satoshis are for the roboto, and the rest (18 satoshis) are for the community.

But, to encourage competition, the community has the power to reduce its 'earnings', so that instead of charging all of that 30%, it can lower a percentage of its commissions.

In the example above, instead of charging 18 satoshis (100%), you can choose to collect 9 satoshis (50%). The remaining satoshis remain as a discount for the seller who, instead of paying 60 satoshis, would pay 51.