Secure Exchanges on @lnp2pbot

@lnp2pbot is a secure tool for peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange without KYC. When two individuals connect to engage in a purchase, the seller's Satoshis (Sats) remain locked in their own wallet via a hold invoice and cannot be utilized while in this state. Once the buyer sends fiat money and the seller confirms to the bot that they've received it, the Sats are then transferred to the bot's node, which promptly pays the buyer.

The bot incorporates a user reputation system that considers the number of successful transactions and received ratings. Moreover, it displays the duration for which a person has been using the platform. These details can assist you in making decisions regarding accepting or declining offers according to your own interests.

Additionally, every community on the bot has at least one Solver responsible for mediating disputes that may arise. They request necessary evidence from the involved parties and determine the rightful recipient of the Sats. If a scammer is detected, they are permanently banned from using the bot.