How to contribute?

lnp2pBot is a fully open-source project, maintained by the community. Many users ask how they can contribute, or if code knowledge is necessary to do so. In this section, we present some ways in which you can collaborate. Although these are not the only ways, any type of help is valuable for the project. Thank you very much for considering it!

  • Translation of the Bot: If you are multilingual, you can help translate the bot into other languages to enhance its accessibility.

  • Help with Documentation and its translation: If you have skills in writing and/or translation, you can collaborate to improve the project documentation and/or translate it, making it more accessible and understandable for everyone.

  • Development: If you are a developer, your skills are essential. You can contribute by writing code, implementing new features, and fixing bugs.

  • Report bugs: If you encounter any errors or unexpected behavior in the bot, reporting them is very useful. It helps us improve the stability and quality of the project.

  • Propose improvements: If you have ideas to enhance lnp2pBot, we invite you to share them with us. Several important features of the bot have originated from community proposals.

  • Create video tutorials and guides: If you have skills in creating multimedia content, you can produce video tutorials or written guides to help users make the most out of the bot.

  • Dissemination on social media: Sharing information about lnp2pBot on social media helps increase its visibility and attract more people interested in contributing or using it.

  • Donations: If you would like to financially support the development and maintenance of lnp2pBot, please consider making a donation. Each contribution helps cover hosting, development, and other project-related expenses. You can donate to, thank you!